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Build, Explore, and Customize Your Narrative

Explore the art of visual novel creation with tools designed to help you shape your story interactively and visually. Our platform offers user-friendly features that simplify the creation process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Branching Narratives
Build your story with choices that influence the outcome. Our platform enables you to create multiple endings through branching narratives, adding depth and replay value. The interface is designed to support complex storytelling in an accessible way.
Interactive Characters
Create a cast of characters that players can interact with, each with their own stories, motivations, and fates. Your characters can be allies, adversaries, or mysterious figures, each adding depth and complexity to the narrative.
Customized Visuals
Select from a range of image models to find the style that best suits your story, from anime to digital art to comics. Our tools make it easy to integrate these visuals, allowing you to bring your characters and settings to vibrant life.

Experience Visual Novels in a New Way

Simple, Accessible, and Effective Tools for Everyone

Our platform is built to support both creators and readers of visual novels, providing a straightforward, user-friendly experience that works seamlessly across all devices.

Accessible Anywhere
Enjoy a seamless reading and creating experience on any device. Our platform combines web-first accessibility with a mobile-friendly design, ensuring that you can engage with content at home or on the go without any compromises.
Fullscreen Mode
The fullscreen mode allows you to immerse yourself in the visual stories without distractions. It’s designed to maximize your viewing area, enhancing narrative delivery and visual detail for a captivating experience.
Collaborative by default
Enhance your creations with contributions from others. Our platform supports collaborative efforts, allowing users to contribute to any visual novel. This fosters a community-driven approach where everyone can share ideas and enhance each other’s work.

Enhance Your Visual Novel with Thoughtful Features

Build Depth and Detail into Your Stories

Our platform provides essential tools to help you develop interactive and complex narratives. These features are designed to support your creative process, making it easier to construct stories that resonate with readers.

Narrative Locks
Use narrative locks to guide your story’s progression. These tools help manage how readers navigate through the plot based on their decisions, ensuring a logical flow that adapts to their choices.
Dynamic Storylines
Create stories that allow readers to explore different paths and outcomes. Our tools facilitate the weaving of complex storylines that invite readers to experience the narrative from various perspectives.
Zoom Feature
The zoom tool lets you scrutinize the finer details of your scenes, helping ensure visual consistency and quality. It’s a practical feature for creators who are meticulous about the visual aspects of their stories.

Featured visual novels

Your head feels dizzy. As you wake up, you can smell the faint odour of rust in the air. Getting to your senses, you realize that you are in a strange complex that appears to be underground. You look around you and see an old mirror hung on the wall.

The Complex

Waking up in an abandoned complex, you must find out a way to escape or die a gruesome death.

The derelict ship loomed ominously above Earth, its silhouette stark against the backdrop of deep space. Detected months ago by GSEC's vigilant radars, its slow but steady approach toward Earth finally prompted them to take action. A security team was dispatched to investigate the mysterious craft.

The Arrival

Board a strange, derelict space craft from deep space appoaching Earth.

You reach the outskirts town of Greymoor, drenched in rain following an exhausting journey. You see the black cobblestone decorate the horizon as you approach the gate of the town. The atmosphere is gloomy and the rain only exacerbates the depressive mood of the solitary town.

The Widow's Kiss

Investigate the town of Greymoor and stop a series of macabre disappearances

You decide to explore the quaint village of Elmsworth. As you walk through the cobblestone streets, you notice charming cottages, a bustling marketplace, and friendly villagers going about their day. The air is filled with the scent of fresh bread and blooming flowers.

The All-curing Potion

Go to Village Square

You throttle the boat's engine, heading towards the enigmatic island to unearth its secrets.

Voyage to the Veiled Island

Investigate the mysterious island activities

In a realm where wonders have faded into the mundane, a world-weary adventurer reflects on a life brimming with excitement, now dulled by familiarity. Amidst these reflections, an unusual and mysterious dungeon emerges on the horizon, sparking a flicker of curiosity.

The Bored Adventurer

A bored adventurer is on the brink of rediscovering the thrill of adventure once more

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